The Höllige Ltd. has a contemporary slim and flexible structureFor yourmoney you shouldget pure service instead ofbloatedadministration.
Nevertheless,we can handleprojects of anysizeandanyclaim.Flexible project partnershipsmake it possible.Our partnersin certain areas of expertise are, among others:

Inlegal matters: Law firm Rechtsanwälte Eustacchio & Schaar
Architecture: kutschera architects ZT-GmbH
Civil Engineer Riß Ziviltechniker Ges.m.b.H.
Architect degreed engineer Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Jöchlinger
Statics: Degreed engineer Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Nemec
Project management: Sattler und Reichl Projektmanagement GmbH
Security planningandconsulting: Von zur Mühlen‘sche GmbH,
Building equipment and electrical engineering: Engineering office TB Ing. Bernd Schubernigg