Modification Telecom shop Traisenpark St. Pölten Modification of a commercial premises Bill of quantities, on-site supervision
Calvin Center office building in Budapest Office building with underground parking Deficiency statement, support in arbitration proceedings, consulting, compilation of contract specifications, collaborattion in fire protection plan
Metropolitan - Office Building, Baross utca  street Budapest Office building with underground parking Appraisal survey, survey of measures
Office building in Vienna 9., Michelbeuerngasse street 9 Office building with underground parking Commercial management, bills of quantities, costing, planning coordinator
Office building 3. Vienna, Marxergasse street 25 Modification and refurbishment of an old building General planning, on-site supervision
Workshop building Sagedergasse street Construction of office and workshop buildings On-site supervision
Office building Walcherstrasse street Office building with underground parking accompanying supervision
Employment Office Baden
Administration Building
(not realized)
Final approval
Schmolz + Bickenbach AG, branch Vienna Office and storage building with projecting steel construction and crane installation On-site supervision
Adjustment Austrian National Bank I Adjustment of the old buildings at full operation, maintenance, high security requirements Scheduling and Control (staff)
MGC-Office Center Office building Final appraisal before the end of the warranty period, supervision of adjustments
New Construction Austrian Nationalbank II Printing and security center, demolition, disposal, upscale interior work, sophisticated technology, high safety requirements Direction of compilation of bill of quantities, technical and commercial supervision and on-site supervision (staff)