Covering of Schillerpark Tunnel construction using the top-down method and in open pit with special slope stabilization Final approval
Schmolz + Bickenbach AG, branch Vienna Vibro replacement On-site supervision
Casino Spielbank Lindau Anchored permanent sheet piling nearby the lake, special drainage concepts Compilation of bill of quantities, support in the contracting and on-site supervision (staff)
Federal schools Josef Preis Allee Drilled piles, vibro replacement Costing, commercial management, compilation of bill of quantities (staff)
New construction of the Austrian National Bank Diaphragm walls of up to 36 m depth, 2-3 anchor horizons, shotcrete fuses, tunnel according to the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) Direction of compillation of bill of quantities, technical and commercial supervision and on site supervision (staff)