Adjustment transformer station Baumgasse street modification of a transformer station technical specifications
Refurbishment of the residential building Möwenweg alley Subsequent sealing of basement and garage Planning, tendering, construction supervision
Renovation Garage Spettergarage Resurfacing work and sealing of a garage Bill of quantities, collaboration in detailed planning
Refurbishment of a retaining wall Siedersberggasse street Refurbishment of an unprofessionally build retaining wall Consulting, project management
Residential Building 2301 Groß Enzersdorf, Kirchenplatz place 19 Residential building, refurbishment and adaptation of the old building Technical specifications
Residential Building Bahnhofstraße street 3462 Absdorf Residential building, refurbishment and adaptation of the old building Technical specifications
Residential Building „Veilchenwiese", Purkersdorf, Wienerstraße street 745 Residential building, refurbishment of the park mansion Appraisal, project avaluation, parts of the detailed planning, technical specifications
Refurbishment of the garage flooring Rennweg alley 44 Flooring refurbishment and sealing of a multi-story garage Project management, planning, tendering, construction supervision (staff)
Office Building 3. Vienna, Marxergasse street 25 Conversion and refurbishment of a building from the period of rapid economic growth in the 19th century Appraisal, general planning, site supervision
Residential Building 3. Vienna, residential park Rennweg alley Maintenance and refurbishment of windows Bills of quantities, site supervision
Residential Building 20. Vienna, residential park Kornhäusel Redevelopment of windows Site supervision
Office Building 3. Vienna, Daffingerstraße street Modification and heightening Site supervision
Adjustment of the Austrian National Bank I Adjustment of the old building at full operation, high security requirements Planning and control of the schedule (staff)
Residential Building 16. Vienna, Ottakringer Straße street 21 House refurbishment and loft extension Site supervision, part of the implementation planning
Residential Building 8. Vienna, Albertgasse street 45  Refurbishment of a residential and commercial building Project evaluation, assumption of detailed design and site supervision
Modification of a registry in Reichsratsstraße street Modification of a law firm General design including furniture, site supervision