Refurbishment garage flooring Rennweg alley 44 Surface reconstruction and sealing of a multi-story garage Project management, planning, tendering, construction supervision (staff)
Covering Schillerpark Tunnel construction Tunnel construction using the top-down method and in open pit with special slope stabilization Final approval
Highway B64 - Albersdorf-Wollsdorf Road construction lot with bridges Final approval
Slow lane Hart Road construction lot with bridge and tunnel portal Final approval
Schmolz + Bickenbach AG, branch Vienna Bypass for truck traffic On-site supervision
Lechaschauer Lechbrücke bridge Reinforced concrete bridge Final approval
Extension of an apron Nordost 3
Airport apron
Certificate of use (staff)
New construction of the Austrian National Bank six-story parking garage direction of compilation of bill of quantities, on-site supervision and technical and commercial supervision (staff)
Various One to two-storey underground parks and outdoor installations for various residential and administrative buildings Compilation of bill of quantities, construction supervision, planning